I speak through the fractured mouths of a thousand caves
shining brilliantly in the darkness
Reaching out into time
let me touch upon the never was
the always must be

They come to me
a stumbling river
rumbling across the stones of a crumbling edifice
Forgotten walls
inlaid with the stories of fate
forgotten to poisoned fingers and linen ligaments

Yesterday we foretold a tale of broken hearts
needful gods lapping at their ancient wounds
Voices spoke of rumors
over and over again
echoing across the empty plains

Here we find ourselves
find myself shuttering at your touch
Divinity reached its voice out through piercing screams
speaking hear my words
here my words
torn open like a wound

Turn once more to the temple oracle
face the dreams we dared not dream
Once more we turn
answering the call
of what might be once more