We are building the temple, a physical temple, an echo and mirror of the temple of the heart.  I sit in a chair over a wood floor, my bare feet sliding along the polish.  Prayer flags frame the window, curtains finally hung.  We begin the sorting process… how true is this of life I ponder?  I long to do my great Work, serve the world as best I can- and yet – the sorting.

Here there is fur and feathers, horn and bone.  Here candles of many colors.  Here is statuary, Naga and Ku and Hanuman with Rama shining out from inside.  Here is incense, so much incense, the potential of prayers floating up and out and beyond.

This space is our sanctuary, this home our sanctuary.  Here a temple within the sanctuary, this space beyond and within.

I build, we build, we are building.  As we unpack, Ganesha multiplies.  The Oracle, here I sit, served so well by the Child of Lilith who I call mine.  My student, my beloved, my Property.  This will be our space… it had to be a Temple when we first saw it.  An empty nook, built into the wall, calls for statuary.  I hear the call of this space, we hear the call of this space… and we sort, we build, we prepare.