25 June 2007
Shamballa Accepts another Light Healer

Walking up the hill in the heat of the Hawaii summer sun today, I called mi madre to see if a check had arrived that is my deposit $ for my chest surgery. She said no, but asked if I had a moment. Sure. I’m sorry I didn’t call sooner, but Louise passed away late last week.

Apparently on Wednesday she went to work (as an in home hospice care provider) as normal. She called work at the end of the shift and let them know she wouldn’t be in tomorrow. She went home, and some time that night or the next morning, did not wake up.

On Monday or Tuesday she had called my mother to talk. In a conversation about resurrection, mi madre laughed that she wasn’t sure what she herself would end up as. Louise said that she used to think she’d come back as a fish or something, but not now. She’s done enough work here. She planned on going on and becoming a light healer with Dr. Laura. Oh, ok mom, mi madre said.

By today, the apartment had been cleared up, she has been cremated, and is being taken off to the ocean.

After mi madre hung up, I cried. I screamed. I yelled about how fucking mad I was, how upset, how much at that moment I wished I’d gotten to see her again. I yelled about light healers and all the woo woo shit of the world.

And I looked down.
At a spiral.
Of silver.
With a huge cut crystal at the center.

Picked it up.
And put it in my ear.

Keep up the good work Louise, we need you down here.