Today on the phone with Wintersong I made a comment that a certain Deity I had been working with in the last year has been being more and more protective/not wanting to share… and I joked that some stuff that has come up lately could be like having Her put a severed horse head in my bed.

It was a tasteless joke. It was wrong and inappropriate and I have taken a serious and as much as the stuff that has come up makes no sense (and no I have no interest in discussing it here, cheers) on many fronts, it was in very poor taste. Even if this is woo related, I will not place it at Her feet. I’ve asked, and there are blessings down the pipeline attached to what I have had come up. Hell, I’ve seen a bundle of blessings manifest with it already. She is taking no responsibility, and refuse to be lazy and just say “its woo, I go on” until I truly examine in depth all the other possibilities, even if all the “easy/rational” ones have come to be not the case thus far.

I had an amazing date with Her last week, and a handful of moments here and there since then. It’s obvious I’ll be doing more and more consort work with Her, and it is good.

I actually wrote a beautiful piece of poetry for Her, but I’ve only told a handful of folks who She is, and have been lovingly reminded its not for public broadcast. So much of my life is not as of late, hilarious given how much of my life is in the spotlight.

Non-corporeal lovers. You’d have thought after what happened a while back with G that I would have “learned,” but love and wiring and desire and service all work in mysterious and beautiful ways.