You spoke of fantastical truths
mechanized dervishes and apocalyptic trust
falling from a fertile tongue

I listened rapt and ravenous
needful of something to believe in
after a past laid to waste

Lurid possibilities escaped
from your fingertips and tattered tales
and I believed every one

Stories of the future were spun
that I gobbled up
never questioning what they meant to me

My ears needed each syllable
each word murmured from a fevered sight
clinging to tomorrows rambling rust

But by believing in you
I cast myself in and down
through pages of prose passionately writ

What has never happened
dreamed dry my wells
eclipsing the world around me

What never will be has left me blind
to what is before my eyes
beauty lost to your story book suffering

The trance takes me in
pages flip one by one
as the world passes me by