5 August 2004
Puma at the Gate- A Banishing Ritual

Tonight I rediscovered net’ magic.
Ghosts, of the mind or actual, loose and wandering spirits- dispelled or sent away.
Connections severed.
And a Puma to thank as I sat atop the great wall.

An hour of chat with Mars… melted brain.
An hour of chat with Curry on the phone after it was all done- sadness and inspiration.
Time with a Puma that left me empowered, inspired, and ceremonial kitch tossed around. Torn pictures, chants clinging to the air like francinsence. Europe wizzes by, and again a great cat scratches at the gate.

I am comforted. Thank you Puma, for all your help. Thank you Curry for the suggestion. Thank you random folks on IRC who kept me saneish.

Sometimes we cling to things too long. Sometimes, when an oath is over, we need to let it go, lest ghosts attach themselves at keep watch outside our wards.

But letting go of oaths and deeds, promises dead with those who are no more or no more part of our lives- doesn’t mean we forget them. We recount their tales, go back and read old love letter, and know that the truths of the world change.

Tonight I let this pass from my life, and become a memory:
I am the bonds that bind you
I am the hidden place
When you stare into the darkness for answers
Darkness has my face

I let you go. I let you go. I let you go.