31 July 2007
Prayer to Deep Ocean

I shot a video at midnight on Saturday night, full moon obscured by cloud cover. The waves lapped up over pebbles, driftwood, a 100+ year old coal unloader. 2 nights before I had sat on the beach and a version of this prayer had come out of my mouth that lasted 10-15 minutes- this one only lasts 2.5. As I prayed on Thursday night I sunk into a trance and danced, then at some point collapsed on the beach with a tin silver key in my hand and descended into the waves of darkness and had a much needed conversation. Ocean wash me clean just as my work for Bear lets me wash others clean. Nothing is pure, hooks still wedged in my gills, but an understanding of clear water against the darkness. 2 nights later I came back to the same beach and recorded a piece, knowing someone needs to see it, will understand.

From a merman in service to Bear.