A few things happened last night. I sat down over the phone with the person whom the cords debate was happening, and we completely restructured our relationship. This sucks on a thousand levels, but had to be done. It was better than just cutting those cords and removing them from my life, which I could have and actively considered doing last night. It was a revelation for him to realize that I was not the one who had closed certain doors, and lets just say he and his Patron have a LOT to talk about.

As part of that conversation, we discussed what seems to be an active energetic working that has been done on him. I gave him two assignments. One was to create a list of all the vows he made to her, and all that she had made to him, and put them on paper. To really look at them. Just because she broke a vow that was made before his Patron does not mean he has the right to break any of those without finding recompense for it. He was a bit surprised, as if it hadn’t really occurred fully that part of this BS against him could be his own fuck ups around his magical work. Gah!

The second part of the assignment I gave him concerning this person was to create a shield specifically against any working she may very likely be doing against him. I hate fucking witch wars. Even if neither of them ID as witches. I recommended a variant of hoodoo shielding technique that I’ve used involving taking something personal of theirs, binding it in wire (or barbed wire if there is a desire for pain when they work against you), tying a statement of your life ebing yours to fuck with, not theirs, or something like that- then either burying it, or in a twist I enjoy, submerging it (if it won’t fuck up the physical system) in the water tower of a toilet, so each time they do work against you they literally flush their own energy down the shitter.

I told him there are other ways to create sheilds, but he likes things wrought with visual meaning, so I knew i would appeal to his warped senses. So much better plan than any physical harm against the person, or any darker magic that he was actively considering as we both know that if anything, even cancer or a stroke, happens to her, people will be pointing the finger at him or I almost instantly.

So I mentioned this idea to someone I cherish, as they were asking how it went, and half way in this part came up. I could hear them stiffen up on the other end of the phone and say “well, you don’t really want to invite that energy back into YOUR life- 7 fold return and all.” I froze- not about the statement, but about the fact that wow, obviously we’re on different pages about magical ethics.

I don’t keep a bloody Hell Tree (but wow, hearing Christopher Hartleigh Low speak about his did get the dark arts minor fetishist in me a bit wet), and I’m not prone to cursing anyone. I’ve done it when the work light goes off, because sometimes the Work I do requires that, to open doors, people need foundations shaken. Opening doors and keeping pathways clear (or in some cases, mucking the snow out of their driveway so they can get from the door to their Work), pretty much sums up the bulk of what my Job is. It takes a lot of different forms. Sometimes I become a magical packrat for the universe (anyone who has met me at a KC has probably noticed this, or hell, has met mi Madre). Sometimes its me teaching classes and opening eyes. Sometimes its as a random oracle, stating words that people needed to hear. Sometimes its me pulling people out of abuse situations and finding them a place to stay. Sometimes it is about loving fully in the moment to show someone that this can in fact exist and they need to demand more. Sometimes its me getting the obstacles out of the way, even if its random shit like moving a single brick, or breaking into buildings for homeless people to sleep in, or putting a nail into someones tire.

So I was a bit gobstruck by this persons reaction. I forget that people don’t realize that sometimes destruction is necessary in the world to be able to have life happen. Beautiful tree falls, rots, becomes the home for new life. Yes, its sad that the tree fell. But 100 new lives stand in the place of its one sacrifice.

Cursing is a tricky thing. I don’t like them as a tool because even if they can be INCREDIBLY efficient, they usually leave a residue of their working on me. Law of attraction, right? I think about negativity only and negativity goes oh, there’s an open door! But sometimes that sacrifice is the right move. Ethics are a complex dance, and there is no one right and one wrong. But I would personally rather have someones energy flush down a toilet, and their life be full of the shit they wrought, then other easier options like death, which would be very easy indeed to make happen.

It was hard to refocus, to take a very complex thing that was rotting away in my cord and re-anchor it, smaller, into a focused point. For the first time in 18 years, I have not a single piece of metal or jewelry on my body. Its been almost 48 hours. Not a single one. Not since I was 10 years old and my grandmother, to spite mi Padre, took me to the mall and had my ears pierced after I’d asked for 4 years. No piercings, no rings, no collars, no necklaces. Nada. I will again, soon, but its been a very strange few days.

Must eat, then will come back and woo rant about Melek Ta-us *again*. Gah, 2 nights in a row.