11 October 2007
Listening to our Masturbations

I’m trying to listen to my masturbations again.

For me masturbation can be a lot of things:
mechanical release
sexual connection with a partner
a way to relax
connection with self
feels good
sensory experience
opening up to the divine to receive messages
magical tool for putting desires out to the universe (or other magical stuff)
checking in with self
and more…

But I was recently attending Spirit of the Islands, an amazing event in Hawaii, and was able to do tech work for Femcar’s Huminiation and Objectification class. She has a brain I drool over, love, adore. I am often torn up about other aspects of this amazing complex creature, but her brain astounds me. In a spoken word piece that was read by someone else while I projected images of her being objectified and humiliated, she spoke of opening up to the universe using her cunt. When the spoken word piece ended and she just spoke to all the folks gathered, her voice was so strong and powerful, resonating a deep truth- that the universe speaks to her through her masturbations.

She does things she does not understand she says.
She does things because she must.
And the things she does change lives.

People may not agree with what she does, but they do make you think.

So since that trip to Hawai’i, a trip I know has changed my life forever because of some of the amazing spiritual teachings I came it touch with plus finding my financial guru… I’ve had this concept in the back of my scull.

Masturbating today it hit me hard. When I stop censoring my fantasies and let them just exist, I learn so much about myself and my place in the world. What we do in our fantasy lives does not have to reflect what we do outside, but it can inspire. We can be what we never could be. We can do what we never could do. We can remember what may never be ours again.

We can touch on what we need. We can feed our dreams. We can put out a cry to the universe towards the longing of our soul.

Or I can just wank.

It all works out.

But it is something to consider… what do our Masturbations show us?
Where will they take us next?
What lives will we change?