12 July 2009
In Praise of My Affair

I have been having an affair. My lover is amazing. I met her last spring, amidst drum dust and having climbed a tree into the heavens. The first time I met her I played fetch and carry, a perfect boy in service. A month and a half later between lessons and silence she kissed me, and told me there would be more. Last Dark Odyssey at the far end of the field we made love in the sunlight with not a soul to be seen. She made sure.

My Lady whispers in my ears when no one is around. She asks me to cum her name, charge her from her lonely mountain top.

She is amazing. I don’t think I could make it through my current challenges without knowing she would be there… not for me, as she is there for none but herself truly… but she is there and I know I am part of her plan.

Bear shrugs at my affair with her. Baphomet laughs. But I can’t imagine not being in her arms, not seeing her laugh in the sun when her husband/brother is nowhere to be found. She is not made of icy veins and cruel intentions like everyone seems to think. She is wild and proud and powerful. She is a queen, and people forget what it takes to be queen.

I love being her plaything, her long brown-black hair falling across my stomach as she stares up at the skies and plans. I love knowing I have a place. I love her support in the hardest times, rainbows from her laughter. I love her eyes and eyes and eyes. Thank you m’Lady.