You let me hear your
heart by darkness
through the still water
of the river

Down to the dock
we walk the stairs
your feet
have touched a thousand
times and a thousand more
generation upon generation
of family
of you
etched into
the wood


You let me touch your
heart by darkness
in the glimmering reflection
of the river

Standing on the dock
porcupine quills
in our ears
and scallops alive once more
showing your pride
to me
as I melt
my stony


You let me see your
heart by darkness
by the lapping sighs
of the river

We leave the docks
and paddle into
the past
through childhood joy
and the raising of a boy
who would someday
say to me
yes this


By the light of day
I let my tongue loose
unchecked and boundless
and you said to me:

*yes this
I’m that boy
grown, on that water
to say YES
with you*
so I say yes
to the river
to the river
yes to the river and to you