Over Minneapolis
you came to me like a wave
soft fur on soft fur
slowly callousing hands
across my face

When I met you
I never expected
the shape you would become
a transforming creature
filling my heart

sing Lilith
beautiful and terrible Lilith
I give thanks to thee

A mile high
you soar into my blood
boiling my fear away
emptying me of loneliness
filling me with hope

Connecting to me
I feel myself lighter
as we breathe in together
shapeshifting our relationship
with every beat of our hearts

praise Lilith
terrible and beautiful Lilith
I give thanks to thee

My beloved mate
in fang and talon bold
my friend through fires fierce
and winters cold
be with me my sweet

Third gendered Phoenix
rooted in my every day
powerful being
mine as I am yours
I am blessed beyond reason

hail Lilith
Lilith who loves my love
I give thanks to thee