At about 3pm I got suddenly tired. I laid down, not even closing my blinds. I dreamed deep and vivid dreams, waking up around 6:30pm… half an hour after the full moon lunar eclipse. 

I dreamed of the world connecting under one banner.
I dreamed of one man going mad taking in the fullness of what had happened to his family in WW2.
I dreamed of a mansion and layers of meaning.
I dreamed of bodies floating in water.

Brad Pitt ended up playing the madman, who was very very sane on all accounts. It amuses me when super stars fill in my prophetic spaces for “person of great clout who I have not met or seen a face for yet.”

The last few nights I have had what would be considered “negative” or “scary” or “nightmare” dream time. Being banned from seeing my family, or being removed from society, or having to stop people from doing stupid shit in the kink community… all have involved me having to set the record straight or being a martyr of some sort. Not this afternoon. It was just- like watching a movie, with a shimmering overtone, same energy as when I get my recurring dreams that end up coming true, or as I usually call them “completely friggin useless premonitions.” Really universe, does it help me to know that the next woman to walk into the cafe will wear a red dress and then buy a newspaper? She will sit down, I will turn around, and see a man in a suit with a pink tie. How helpful is that, really.

Maybe I shouldn’t bitch about useless prophetic dreams. But hell, I have an outstanding prophetic dream about being sucked down a bathtub drain by a man in a scuba suit, and another involving people fleeing from the police on a couch carried down a parking structure by a flood of water… so whatever ;)