Your mountains rose up from quake after quake
Pangaea becoming your molten needs that lifted your hips
Into my soaring sky

My winds danced across your thorny bushes and soaring pines
Whispering my desires into lush green and clinging vines
That wrapped around my breath

Laying beneath me so close and so far away
Chasms that long for my storms to plunge your depths
Just as your towering cliffs invade my midnight desires

Each night the sun sets and you see me oh you see me full of glory
Lit with the web of gems that cry oh come to me lover
Come to me love and fill me deep

Deep as your ocean eyes
Deep as your running river lips
Deep as your endless iron heart
Deep as your valley mysteries
Deep as you my love
Deep as you

Open up and spread my starry thighs
Watching me give birth to a new horizon of constellations with each thrust
Feeling me sing a solar system with every moan

Pin my clouds against you in a fog
Let me rustle your leaves with each kiss
My quivering tsunamis laying you waste your endless vistas

Call me your endless night as you pull me down on top of you
Sand storms rising up to greet me
Lightening erupting from my shaking overhead

My endless earthen lover
Caves and bone
I shall straddle you forever
As we clutch one another
In storm and peace
And love