Dreams of Myth

red painted the whore
i am the visage of every woman
subjugated before the cross
the guns of the church
the rest of mankind
Adam! take the apple
take it taste it make it yours
take me
take away the pain of birthing
take me away

Adam?  why do you lie so
who was here before me
who was in your bed
your head
who do you dream of at night
who do you think of when I am gone
who was she
was she a goddess
a geisha
a one night stand
who was this lover
that was never made from your rib

Adam.  i remember you
you have left your second wife i see
800 years alone
morning light greeting you
each day of your journey
i am not as beautiful as i was
when i left you
was left
left alone
take me back
for just one night

and in the morning
god’s neighbors complained
and the nuclear family
became a myth