4 January 2006

This weekend, in a place between extreme passion and extreme pain, I walked between worlds.
The first vision SaytrPan laughed at, his other name, other face.
The second I wore with my own skin.

On the whole, DarkOdyssey was not an exciting event for me. In my two bondage classes I wanted to do so much more (but showing the inversion harness EmmaHui taught me was nice), and my switching class has so much potential. I attended a few good classes (Dr. Ferrer for example), and Raven Kaldera’s “Hermaphrodieties” class (based on his book, and visa versa) was amazingly well done in the bardic voice it carried. Talks with Raven, Joshua, Skian and crew were great. Teasing the hell out of Terry and Danny was great. Sucking in the new year was silly and fun, but not as fulfilling of a connection with that play partner as either of us would have liked. Support from BBJim, Sarah Sloane and Margo Eve can not be spoken highly enough of…

But the event itself was just- a big hotel event. I felt like the paganism was a brush stroke over the top- to qoute Raven when he spoke of much of American Tantra “A cheap excuse to fuck while listening to Indian Music.” It’s okay to just swing and do kink- but I guess the DO summer camp made me want more. Doing bondage in the sterility of a hotel conference room turns me off. No rituals, not a one, and Dan&damn and I snarked about it.

But the weekend was worth it all for DaddyD and SatyrPan. Cute Butch Bi Dyke energy with the soul of a gay leather Daddy, and her mythological creature of a mate.

Now, I don’t normally wax poetic on aesthetics, but this man deserves paintings.
Gorgeous inside and out, he is, however, a mythical creature. No one should (a) have a cock that large (b) be that athletic in it’s use (c) be multi-orgasmic (d) be able to fuck for that long continulously (e) be willing and able to take folks where they need to go sexually (f) be hot, bi, and in general an amazingly nice guy… thus, he must be a mythical creature. That’s okay, I’m happy to fuck a mythical creature. I’m happy to share stupid text messages with one.

DaddyD is one of the hottest souls I have met in a long time. I adore this wo/man. Wow.

They, near strangers (but we each came well recommended by the other from Strider), saw me through some bad emotional moments, fed me bacon, fucked me soundly, opened up their bed to me, and so much more. They amaze me inside and out. And they opened me up to my awareness again towards being able to recieve visions.

It’s hard to tell what is a vision and what is a seisure.
Does it really matter, when the message gets delivered?
And yes, Margo, tell Mim that I’m feeling about 25% better, but if it gets worse i’ll follow up.

I keep getting calls
to dedicate more of my life to my spirituality
My work as a healer
Try one life

I keep closing my eyes and feeling her in my spine.