1 June 2008
Tonights Work

He asked me to carry his name to the spirits, ask them his questions.

I headed to my home, those of my staff not expecting me home so soon, but asking to see how I could help. I showed them the note in my hand, and they understood, let me go.

I went out to the forest, and met a spirit I knew well there. We climbed. We spoke at length with no words about caves and darkness, about light and fear, about climbing higher than needed, about how higher was not where I needed to climb for this answer- and the sky fell away.

Blackness and a sea of stars. Simplicity, her starry voice echoes.
Compassion, her starry voice echoes, a breast emerging in the sea, a smile, a cosmic smirk in the black.
If he can not have compassion for his needs, how can he expect to carry others?
She holds me in her arms, and the letter floats away on fingertips as she holds up the mirror, her mirror of reflection, of love, of self love. She takes the letter and places it between her lips, and drinks it down with a moan, a sigh, a smirk. She looks back at her mirror, and he, the petitioner, is smiling back at her laughing and shaking his head. He looks older than I know him. He holds out his hand through the mirror and shakes it laughing, like a student does his professor once he himself is now a professor. His skin is translucent, starry, and he fades laughing at the inside joke between the two of them of shared experience.

She holds me, then lets me float off again, blackness with white stars, blinding brilliance, beauty, black, and a sea embrace me.

I open my eyes.