1 July 1998
Tobar Bridge, Kildare 9:15 AM

30 birds crows wings black against the pale grey sky flew away as we approached in our burgundy automobile passing 2 oaks large & majestic as we came upon the well having passed its entrance twice (the sign had been knocked over, lying in the grass and brambles) / there is a bridge crossing a running stream and at its other side a donations stop a placard declaring wells are holy places and a sign announcing the place * to say your prayers at each station around are pines alder birch but the only oak are the tree behind wooden bars and placards announcing scout troupes community groups and a man now dead in whose name all are to pray. The water filters from well & stream through rock basins past a life size effigy of the saint bearing her church in the palm of her hand down towards the well past 5? (will count when I get the photos back) stones on stones to the well with kneeling area rock low wall cross placed in 1952 and next to it a pine where ribbons have been tied rags a rosary a medal a hospital bracelet and a brigid’s cross made of crow feathers fine lovely flowers and immaculately trimmed grass a kneeling area back by the river stream and as I looked into the well a voice did speak that it was not right to fill from the well that we should look on to moving on not being stagnant corrupted by pure and running and beginning anew I weave my steps round the stones back to the steps & water * the covering arch * the statue with the cross beneath it and whisper to myself of the new found faith not here but away and fill the bottle giving thanks. Finish photographing, take some photos for dad… cross back over the stream to the lovely but sad place into the car and as we drive away an old woman on a bike is heading towards the well the crows are overhead & we head back into town the smell of fresh dew no longer on my lips as it had been & CelticLovers playing on the CD player

(Will return to later on pages down as day pass parents are fickle creatures and time persuades otherwise…)