23 April 1998
Kitchen @ Oideas Gael Droms after Anam Cara Seminar

– Judy Frank

To move… the spirit itself constantly on the move me across the sea to a celtic non-celtic Christian spirituality beyond the politics of the church where jesus is there to teach the message of an ancient tradition love love … namaste welcome oh how I cherish accept and adore the spirit of god within you the crack you tell fresh as the milk on old corkey’s table the sad alcoholic who would be buried ina a pauper’s pit before everyone realized that he never got home home on the range the man urinating on the wall carpeting in county sligo the day of the wedding “move over, I get to punch ‘im, he’s my brother” while the next such celebration had the best musicians cordial men and women with waves caresses of compassion… is it possible to identify with a religion any religion that sends it’s energy not into the self or down to that earth that sustains us that supports a through nurturing sun son light of lugh does not anymore appreciate or seem to understand the spirit of it’s original teachings that up until it was taken out quoted the catechism on the state’s right to kill those who have done the most grievous crimes oh hands off cain the sinner already bearing the mark we have given him by placing him her they the divine into a situation that they feel can only be escaped accepted in with violence but is the divine a higher being persay must jesus yalweh Krishna know my every thought be a perfect being or does he make mistakes can he learn and grow along my path does she become a personal embodiment of all I seek to understand accept I would that I could find my own spiritual beliefs where –balance- is the key not right wing left wing feminist feminazi patriarchy matriarchy but where the inner chord of the soul rings true where I can feel free in my heart to wear both my St. Christopher’s metal and my goddess fertility pendant and feel like they in balance with each other with a possibility being to stay within ‘the church’ (as judy tries to do) or within ‘the covens’ (as adelle seems happy to try to do) if and when they are willing to accept my blending blurring knotting swirling together of the dualities knowing that all sides all parts can be reflected within me for within me is a form of the entire cosmos as can be seen in the night visions of survival quotient the sacred heart within each of us to the world to the sun to cosmos universe cosmos light pure light into through beyond human life reborn in the form of an anointed one the Christ of our rebirth renewal each more precious than the last…. The ancient celt who were you did you hoist heads on staffs for all to see the embodiment of hunter gatherer cain tribes or were you adam herdsman agricultural vegetarian why how did the saints come to you the early missionaries to search for a good conversation or on a quest to convert those in the farthest reaches bowels hollows of the earth did you find the celt find an inner understanding of balance in the Triunal godhead father-son-holy spirit along side your triple goddess maiden-mother-crone three in three so mote it be or did the word of this wise man from Jerusalem inspire more than a reformation of the horned one did you the celt put the sun behind the cross or was there also a chance it was the moon mary standing beside behind her son on his death tools comforting and supporting as in life so as in death