Opening wide
your starry thighs
to me
as my hands
tremble with the thought
of you

You lay
languidly back
as I lay out our course
nervous of what
you will think
of my tribute

Black latex
slides down
over each finger
snaps into place
as you look up
grant me a smile

Hands lube wet
palm to palm
in lovers prayers
as eye catches eye
and I stop
to stare

I take you in
as finger at a time
you take me
into your cavern
your secret realms
breath by breath

Clench and release
you make room for me
in your life
I coach you
let me in beautiful one
taking this path together

Each grunt
builds on the last
until at last
you open up
blooming in my palm

Birthing goddess
welcoming god
I stop caring
as my hand rests
inside your root
and comes alive

Pulse to pulse
my fingers
reach up
caressing eternity
in your creative womb
from the inside

Both of our heads
roll back
tears streaming
clenching down
in time
with my heart

Let me worship
this moment
of vulnerability
bowing low
your servant
before the sling

Your spark inside
before my eyes
each breath
an eternity
in the thunderous sky

You writhe
divinity unfurling
quaking in my hands
rain streaming
down both
of our flushed cheeks

I pull away
moment at a time
until you release me
trying so desperately
to hold onto
this moment

Opened wide
your starry thighs
I am stripped away
as my hands
tremble at the loss
of being inside you