12 May 2010
Sacred Consort Rite

I had a request from a magical student on the West Coast to audio record the Sacred Consort Rite, and with special permission, the folks at Beltane granted me permission to audio record the guided visualization.

Having cleared this with those who attended, I wanted to make that audio available to those who attended, and those who had hoped to attend but were unable. There is a 1.5 page instruction sheet that goes with the audio file, and ask that if for some reason the file travels, these files travel together.

If you were someone who wanted these files, please get ahold of me at Lee@PassionAndSoul.com and I will send you to where the files are resting :)

Cheers, and thank you ALL again for those who were part of this working, and part of all of my amazing Beltane experiences.

Sacred Consort Rite: Connecting with your Divine Lover
A Journey with Lee Harrington

PLEASE read this informational sheet COMPLETELY before beginning.

On the other side of the veil your holy beloved waits. Join this circle and sensual guided meditation out of our mundane world and into the land of our spirit, where our companion awaits us. Some of us will connect to the flame at the heart of the universe, beating in union with our souls and loins. Others will open up to find a specific spirit, deity or being who has been hoping to court us as a one time liaison or as a partner along our life’s journey. Some may encounter old ghosts from the past, whose presence might inform us what barriers we face to finding the love and desire we deserve. Or we may find a reflection of ourselves longing to embrace our own hedonistic worship and desire.

To begin this journey, clear two hours of time. Though the audio file is less than an hour long, you will want time to ground and center in advance, lay out your tools, and time afterwards to slowly come back to this plane at your own pace (or enjoy your body further after the session is done).

Find a space that is beautiful and sacred to you (your bedroom and a stereo, an open grove with privacy to enjoy yourself and your mp3 player), and lay out your tools. For some this will be sacred alter items, for others a towel to lay on, a pillow for under your head, and your favorite sex toys, lube, etc. If you are aided by a blindfold or similar tool, have that prepared as well.

If you prefer your sensual rituals sky-clad, disrobe and set your clothes to the side.

Calm, and breathe.

Cast your circle. In the case of the rite that this audio was recorded at, each ritualist had their own mattress and supplies, each circled around a central alter. The Guide cast the circle, calling North, East, South and West to watch over the working, before calling those above, below, without and within to bless the working as well.

Then, lay down, close your eyes, breathe… and begin the audio recording.

After the audio is complete, take as much time as you need to come back, but come back fully before going out again, no matter how intoxicating or challenging your experience was. Come back fully to your body, have something to drink and rehydrate yourself. Consider taking a long shower.

For some, this Journey may bring up a wide variety of emotions or feelings. No experience is “right” or “wrong.” Not everyone will have an epiphany or a mind blowing time, and that is just fine. For others, there might be need for processing- consider journaling, talking with a friendly councilor or therapist, or discussing what happened with an understanding friend or spiritual associate. Others might find help in “walking/dancing it out,” singing, talking out loud, or in general engaging their body to process through what they have experienced. Having these tools in place before you journey is HIGHLY encouraged- better to have them in place and not need them, than need them and not have them in place.

Either way, once you are back fully to your self, and before leaving the space, remember to close your circle. In the case of this recorded rite, we said farewell to those within, without, below and above, before thanking West, South, East and North for all their vigilance and assistance.

If you are curious about reading more on Sacred Consorts, energetic kink and sexuality, or other such matters, check out “Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond” by Lee Harrington, or visit PassionAndSoul.com

Yours in Passion and Soul,

Lee Harrington