Standing on the cool blades of grass, toes dug into the soil, how can one not find themselves to be a part of nature?  We, as humans, eat of the grains of the earth, who in turn have grown from the dirt that we trod upon daily.  And, when we fall, dying of old age and diseases, are not our bodies interned into the earth to become that dirt once more?

The hawk that flies overhead, she too rears her young by bringing them food and teaching them her ways.  The cheetah watching for it’s prey, like us, knows that some day he too will be part of the soil where the food of it’s prey sustains its existence.

However, above all else, we know that we are part of nature for one reason.  If all else in the world were to vanish- trees, water, stars above- we could not exist, let alone be the supposed masters of all of creation that those who think us to be apart from nature claim us to be.

Earth mother goddess stands beautiful majestic polluted with a hundred years of industrial revolution gun production nuclear waste and disease yet I find her to be beautiful still, for earth gave birth to all, proven not only in the myths oft the celts, aborigine & native americans, but also by modern day explanations of big bang theory that state that explosion formed ball with nibbly bits with water which IN TURN gave life.  Earth is mother of all, sky father, not just from songs learned while young girl becoming mother loving dyke child in long flowing skirts singing kumbaya and other such peace dirges, but because paganism (in all it’s manifold wonders) has embraced me.  Wisdom of Buddha, Taoism, legends and lore, the Rig Veda, Sikhism, and more form a composite not only of my views towards the earth but my views towards myself- a proud, strong creature with to need for labels though they have been given to me: Dyke, Pagan, Dominatrix, Freak-child.  Many view the Earth in the same way, as property to be labeled with titles of countries, but viewed from space she has no lines in the sand that can be crossed no my home your home ALL IS EARTH… ALL IS MOTHER Unfortunately I tend to be a hypocrite though, eating meat, living in a concrete apartment wearing polyester and corsets that deform me from what my mother intended for my body to be.  In Kuaii I saw the TRUE beauty of earth in the falling waterfalls, birds singing from the branches of colorful blossoms, greenery filling my nostrils with the sweet fragrances of nectar water sunlit skies that told me “i am part of this beauty, I am part of nature” I saw mountains shaped like dragons on their backs in honalei people who still lived in harmony with things long gone a spirit world more attuned with what i perceive as the truth versus the irish catholic dogma my father tried to force down my mouth like cough syrup on sunday mornings.  Earth should be revered by all people all traditions mythos structures but in todays society how can we do what we must for survival of the species and our own peace and happiness when our parents have instilled in us a need for earthly possessions glow in the dark watches and cellular telephones.  Its not their fault either it has been growing since man first took to his feet alone and demanded that god be explained and paintings be made for the glory of earth we have been destroying our mother from the beginning, and still she forgives us bringing forth fruits of her bosom.  As the chant states: we are one with the mother we must take care of her; unite my people be one.

The rocking of the sea as dead bodies are strewn about ancient city dumps but how can they be ancient when just a blink of an eye has passed since the very creation of man?  Tears yearn to shake free from my eyes but I know man HAS done this.  How can I call myself a lover of Earth when the Earth cries so.  “Go forth and multiply and subdue the earth” cried Yahweh to his new creatures Adam and Eve, and it seems they served him well for their descendants have indeed conquered what they find they were given dominion over.  The question in todays society is can we change what has been done when even our bodies are toxic, when so many species have died for our so-called benefit, when the land is now praries instead of forests.  It served those right in the dust bowl to be buried so under the clouds of dirt that they had plowed up from a soil that was meant to be grazed over by the buffalo and indians.  We are like lemmings, like termites, like small creatures that “overran a continent in less than a century”, picking up everything and destroying the earth in order to achieve material goals and technical knickknacks that we cannot live today without.  Slaves to materialism, and a common goal of world domination, I find myself ashamed to be human.  How will we be able to continue to live here, our ONE PLANET, when we continue to proliferate our species and overrun the earth with the feet of nike-clad warriors seeking bigger and better micro processors that require one hundred thousand man hours to create, and little children across the sea take apart batteries for one penny an hour.  As the android sisters once said “we have two pieces of paper, both the same size, both just paper” as a reference towards money and in todays society, and they were right because now we worship many more than any god has EVER been worshiped, and who could blame the human race for it.  If you were a logical species wouldn’t YOU choose to worship shiny metals and computer screens full of stock reports?  I thought so.

Carl Gustav Jung spoke on dreams wisdom the views of collective unconscious dream ritual religion mythology the the things that bind common all the peoples of the earth the flood the creation the garden of peace and the animals that occupy our daily lives.  This the big dream this the sky gods and goddesses that are one or many polytheism or monotheism this is the collective unconscious he spoke of the dreams given up by the african man after the white man came for now they knew not the ways of the weather not the ways of the animals and not the ways of god for “the white man knew better” and with the white man the european spread the ways of death the ways of corruption the loss of the collective mind.  For Jung to enable himself to look at the collective mind soul workings of the mind set up a watch tower going to america talking to mountain lake of the hard faces of the western man of rituals of our own daily lives for how can a man say “I will meet you at this time” when time is a creation of man and not part of the flows of each individual when one woman may be a night person and one a day person it is because their bodies look at time differently the same way we look at dreams differently though many will have the same symbolism within those nighttime dreamscapes.  The serpent, the cachinas, woman holding child, womb, river, sky all are archetypes and as Red Diamond said “Carl Jung was a mind-blowing radical.  Almost a radical archetype you might say.”  And I agree for who else could so counter the ideas of freud and still hold so much sway in the strict minded european collective that sought answers to their own meaningless existence in the depths of their psyche.  If archetypes are what we are made of our dreams our visions our holy places and ways then why do we bicker so over our differences?  Who decides which is right and which is wrong?  Are my dreams of burning at the stake a form of reincarnation, or an archetype of the female persecuted for her knowledge, or a sexual longing for my mother which are all interpretations of the same dream and who can tell when not even I, the dreamer, knows for sure.

The starving looks of those cloistered onto reservations by the pale faced barbarians tell of people who had been there longer than their ancestors bones could remember far as siting bull’s father said to him PROMISE NEVER TO SELL THE BONES OF YOUR FATHER for in selling the black hills the americans wanted a people to sell their holy lands their ancestral burial grounds, their way of life.  Have you ever fought for something?  Something so important to you that you would give up anything else, even your own life.  Probably not in todays society where it is common to trade your soul for 500 megs of memory and a pretty girl dresse din vinyl.  At the same time they also prosecuted their own people who had simply chosen a different way to worship the same god (mormons by name) simply because they were diferent.  Why must fear those different from us those who might look at the earth in awe wersus looking at it as a source of profit those who are part of the ground we walk upon instead of apart from it those who think before they act,  I had a vision that there were soldiers coming at us but they were falling into our camp and the vision was good for it told of our victory but who was it really a last stand for?   When before in such a place had such a group of tribes gathered for a COMMON purpose, one goal, one mind.  If only they had banded together like taht before ot as crow verses nez pierce versus cheyenne for what good did that do when divided they fell.  Though it is hard, prejudices divide peoples and when a leader from greece went to the oracle of delphi he asked whether he should go to war and the oracle said “if you go to war you will destroy a powerful kingdom” and the kingdom was his.  We repeat our mistakes throughout history not because we forget, but because we choose to ignore and by golly gosh sakes Custer even shot his own horse out from under himself, need we say more?

To style ones life on art