Golden-Eye Nights part III

the rain falls in a deluge of pain to wash away the tears left from a lifetime ago when you held me tight on a mountain top

yet now you stand with her beneath a bridge conjuring up images of lost souls that are bound to the earth through powers beyond your own powers that hold sway over me too as i’ve seen the stars fall and the winds rise around us

i thought about the past and i stared at you with her until you told me that if my childe left me and you left her we would be together again

now the childe is gone but yet i fear to return to you since you still love her and only one love can hold sway over you

you become the cat

beautiful sleek and smooth golden coat glistening in the moonlit sky above us

now you are only the man whom all say they know and perhaps they do for then the man inside is simply hidden deep, the man whom i long to hold and cherish and be my true self with fleeing into the night in an endless sea of bliss that will never end and yet i know we shall not since i died for it all before and nothing came of it save your brief bouts of happiness that have been cast upon the wind to be forgotten again and again

you spin into my mind a stranger until i meet your eyes drawn once more knowing you are truth and beauty hidden behind golden eyes that are now afflicted with a blight that you have no say over that was given to you by someone now gone

in a perverted twist of fate you have come to me now when the stars align against us to end it all and change the world

nothing can change the world

what are we to do in the end as the sun rises and none shall remember our own deeds

when the dust settles and our bodies are laid to waste under a sky unknown to us with foreign gods and unknown stars that pull upon a new destiny

none shall remember anything that they were taught

and all shall be lost