Give me messy magic
Give me wild love
Give me the tears, sweat and cum of the Gods.

I refuse to pussyfoot
Around the pagan roots
Of my heart.

My faith is inclusive
A sea of sun
Bathing us all in the rose window of reality.

I see Goddesses orgasm
Gods fuck
Siblings dance hand in hand.

My Goddess
is not a god hung from a tree
With breasts glued on.

I will not
From afar.

I cherish my wildness
My integrated paths
My eyes wide open with wonder.

Come dance with me
In open groves
And downtown orgies.

Dance with me
Lover, sister, brother, friend
Dance with me and this messy magic.

Tread soil
Breathe air
Gaze into the flame
Swim deep.

Drink in all of the possibilities
Not just the veneer
No matter your path.

Find your truth
Make your faith
Four dimensional.

But my hands are open
For when you are called to dance.