20 October 2009
An Essay that did not get written

In writing an essay I was asked to do on “an insightful piece on sex, spirituality with kink and queer/genderqueer dynamics” I started to do this, and decided it was too “whoa is me”- the new one, FAR more empowering. BUT, I liked the language, so wanted to save/post it somewhere…

God or Goddess? Man or Woman? How the hell should I know anymore? I’m standing in front of the mirror. My chest is flat and furry, my beard dashing, and my cunt is hidden behind a bush that would make furry girl porn producer Rodney Moore go mad with lust. I laugh and think on the sacred third sex, the ergi, the different… hermes-aphrodite’s child with round breasts and hard cock… and I am not what I see in even those stories.