24 February 2010
Add your sorrow to the coals…

Walk between the worlds, bravely down the candle road.
The light will lead you deep into your core.
Move into the center, add your sorrow to the coals
with incense rising, steady as a prayer.
Though the heart is heavy as the dance is burning down,
may you raise your eyes and never bow your head.
We are not alone.

-SJ Tucker, “Come to the Labrynth”

Friends are in pain. Ends of relationships, ends of lives, turnings of pages lost between the lines of a life so well planned. I breathe in, center, breathe out, send them love. Across the world and a prayer away I send my love to those living in situations of domestic violence tonight, to those who do not have enough food, for those huddled around fires in the cold.